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Table 3 Studies that describe the processes of care of multidisciplinary care in the community care of stroke

From: Multidisciplinary care planning in the primary care management of completed stroke: a systematic review

Author, year, location Purpose of paper Study design Outcomes
Geddes et al, 2001[(16) UK Describe six examples of models of care of home-based rehabilitation of stroke patients. descriptive A taxonomy of four models (See Figure 1.), describe outcomes across models for 1076 patients in 1998
Henderson et al, 2001[(22) UK Describe cost differentials for stroke rehab conducted in secondary hospitals, and in semi-rural country hospitals under local team care economic Reduction of costs from UK 183000 pa to UK 74000 pa in this district.
McBride, 2004[(17) Canada Describes care given by nursing care coordinator in the community post stroke. Descriptive, model developing Six main areas of care: negotiating health system (including liaison role, pt safety, behavioural, physiological: complex; Family issues; physiological: basic.