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Figure 4

From: Bursaries, writing grants and fellowships: a strategy to develop research capacity in primary health care

Figure 4

Impact of grant activity on funding holders' capacity, confidence and interest in pursuing research. Median impact scores of the supported research activities on participants' capacity, confidence and interest are shown by type of funding, writing grants (green), bursaries (orange), and researcher fellows (purple). The level of impact was measured using a five point scale ranging from 1 (no impact) to 5 (substantial impact). Median impact levels correlated directly to type of funding across all areas, with the writing grants' ($500) impact rating lowest, bursaries ($5,000) in-between, and research fellow positions (0.2–0.5 FTE over 1 year) rating highest. All grant holders indicated that the funding scheme had high impact on their interest to pursue research in the future (median = 4 ± 1.5).

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