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Figure 3

From: Bursaries, writing grants and fellowships: a strategy to develop research capacity in primary health care

Figure 3

Median research experience PRIOR and AFTER grant activity, a) of all surveyed funding recipients (n = 34), b) of bursary holders (n = 21), c) of writing grant holders (n = 11), d) of research fellows (n = 3). The 'research spider' [7, 10] was used to assess grant holders' research experience before (red) and after (blue) the supported research activity. The level of experience was measured using a five point scale ranging from 1 (no experience) to 5 (very experienced). The median research skill levels of all surveyed funding recipients (n = 34) increased for 9 out 10 skill areas (a). Research skill development by category of grant funding is shown for bursary holders (b), writing grant holders (c), and research fellows (d). Writing skills increased by up to 2 points in all categories.

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