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Table 3 Criteria for UK Structured Education Programmes

From: A psychological approach to providing self-management education for people with type 2 diabetes: the Diabetes Manual

Criteria 1 " A structured curriculum" needs to be...... Where the Diabetes Manual meets the criteria
1)Person centred, incorporating individual needs assessment • Initiated according to individual assessment.
• Patient prioritises sequences of activity
2)Reliable, valid and comprehensive • Evidence and policy based.
• Stakeholder input to development
3)Theory driven • Self-efficacy and experiential learning theory
4)Flexible and available to diverse groups • Self-managed by individual, 1 hour per day including exercise regimen, limited contact time with nurse negotiated.
• Reading age of 12 years.
• Culturally sensitive, e.g. Vignettes, cartoons, nutrition.
5)Use different teaching medium • Text, pictures, personal reflection and evaluation, audiotape, one to one contact with nurse
6)Resource effective • 45 mins additional nurse contact time.
• No economic evaluation of DM. HM currently costs €20–32 per person treated to purchase incl training and tapes.
7)Written down • 230 page workbook
Criteria 2 "Trained educators" need to....... Where the DM training meets the criteria
1)Understand education theory as relevant to particular learners • Taught principles of self-efficacy theory and experiential learning related to individual patient learning needs.
• Role play experiences teaching by theses methods.
2)Be trained and competent in the delivery of the education theory • Role play and rehearsal of face to face and telephone consultation using empowering and efficacy enhancing communications
3)Be trained and competent in the delivery of the principles and content of the specific programme they are offering • Diabetes Manual workbook is evidence based.
• Material used as a reference source for nurse if required.
• Skill development in working through the stages