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Table 4 Frequency of activities and average time used per element of work when tests are taken in the patient's home (n = 49).

From: Resource consumption and management associated with monitoring of warfarin treatment in primary health care in Sweden

Preparations Average time used per element of work (minutes) Range
Take out patient's details 2.1 0.0–7.0
Read up on patient 2.3 0.0–10.0
Go through test results 1.9 0.0–10.0
Prepare patient information 2.1 0.0–18.0
Contact patient prior to checkup 2.0 0.0–10.0
Travel to patient 13.7 1.5–45.0
Total time for preparations 23.9* 7.8–70.6
Home visit Average time used per element of work (minutes) Range
Discussion with patient on warfarin treatment incl. info to patient 4.8 0.0–42.0
Discussion with patient on social implications 10.5 3.0–30.0
Take blood sample 4.8 1.0–20.0
Label and pack blood sample 3.2 0.1–15.0
Total time for home visit 23.4* 7.1–76.5
Follow-up Average time used per element of work (minutes) Range
Travel from patient 14.1 1.5–50.0
Delivery of blood sample to lab. 7.8 0.0–60.0
Receive test results and new prescription 4.6 0.0–20.0
Complete patient notes in computer 3.6 0.0–10.0
Complete written patient notes 0.5 0.0–5.0
Telephone patient regarding new prescription etc. 1.3 0.0–5.0
Write reply letter to patient 0.0 0.0–1.5
Travel to and from patient again 4.8 0.0–36.0
Personally inform patient of new prescription etc. 1.6 0.0–7.5
Divide up the Waran in dosett 2.5 0.0–15.0
Total time for follow-up 40.8 8.0–146.1
Total time used for one monitoring episode 88.2 minutes 38.2–231.1
  1. *the total is rounded off and thus does not correspond exactly with the sum of the individual items for preparations, and direct patient contact.