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Table 3 Do I need medical help?

From: "I really should've gone to the doctor": older adults and family caregivers describe their experiences with community-acquired pneumonia

"I noticed I was getting sick .., I thought maybe it'd go away but it didn't." [P3]
"I put up with it for about eight or 10 days before I went to the doctor 'cause I thought it was just something that would go away. But, [laughs] it didn't go away, it just kept on getting' worse." [P7]
"I was pretty sick this time. My temperature was 104 for about three nights in a row. I kept thinking I was going to just get rid of it myself because that has happened before." [P1]
"People kept telling me I had pneumonia. They figured I had pneumonia, and I thought, 'Well, I haven't got pneumonia 'cause I had the pneumonia shot a year ago' [and that should have protected me], not knowing that there's different types of pneumonia." [P10]