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Table 2 Is something wrong?*

From: "I really should've gone to the doctor": older adults and family caregivers describe their experiences with community-acquired pneumonia

"I wasn't convinced that it was something serious as pneumonia" [P9]
"I thought it was just a cold, and I thought, 'Well, this will go away" [P3]
"I always ... figured if you have a cold and don't look after it, it will turn into pneumonia. ... That wasn't the case with me. I didn't have a sign of a cold." [P8]
"He was coughin' and coughin' a lot. [But] he coughed a lot anyways.... I didn't realize it had affected his breathing 'cause he had a breathing problem anyways." [CG7]
  1. * Following accepted practice, we have edited statements to increase clarity without altering meaning. Ellipses (...) indicate where words have been removed. Words placed in square brackets [ ], indicate where words have been added to respondents' statements. The abbreviation CG refers to caregiver, FGP to participant focus group.