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Table 6 Quotes relating to management

From: Experiences and perceptions of people with headache: a qualitative study

Use of conventional medication – "... I wonder myself sometimes because I just wonder if some pills is working against the other eens (ones)and ken? (you know)Cos I'm taking (pauses) I think I'm on about ten different pills a day." (Patient 3220, Male, 49)
Use of conventional medication – "... it's (treatment) not as effective as it was when I started using it... I spoke to my doctor about it... it's not as effective as what it was... " (Patient 9423, Female, 40)
Use of complementary therapies – "But it's about £30 a session. Which just, it wasn't making a big enough difference to warrant keeping going. So I stopped going there." (Patient 9672, Male, 44)
GP management – "... the GP that I see now, she is absolutely, we have a terrific relationship and she has been marvellous, absolutely wonderful. And I probably could talk to her about anything." (Patient 2107, Female, 52)
GP management – "There is sometimes I've come out feeling that was a waste of time, they could have done a bit more or taken a bit more interest." (Patient 10063, Female, 50)
Own management techniques – "... I had a migraine... I was actually sitting in the bedroom on the floor banging my head off the wall ... it sounds terrible bashing your head off the wall but the initial contact seemed to kill the pain." (Patient 10063, Female, 50)