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Table 1 The interview schedule

From: Experiences and perceptions of people with headache: a qualitative study

1. Could you tell me a bit about your headaches? e.g.
• How long have you been suffering from headaches?
• There all the time/on and off?
• Triggers?
• Associated features? (e.g. aura, vision problems)
• Severity, intensity?
2. How would you say your headaches affect your life? e.g.
• Do they stop you from working/carrying out daily duties?
• Do they affect your social life?
• Do they affect your ability to sleep?
• Do they affect your mood?
3. Have you ever been to see your GP about your headaches?
• What prompted you to go the first time?
• How did you feel the first consultation went?
• Would you say that you got what you wanted from the consultation?
• What would you say makes a consultation good or bad?
• Why haven't you been to see him/her?
• What would prompt you to go?
4. Do you still go to see your GP?
• Why do you still go?
• How do you feel the consultations go now?
• Why don't you go to see him/her anymore?
   How important is it to have a diagnosis?
5. Have you ever seen a hospital specialist about your headaches?
• How did/do you feel the consultation goes?
• Go to Question 6
6. Have you ever seen an alternative specialist for your headaches?
• What prompted you to go the first time?
• Were you satisfied with the consultation?
• Did you get what you wanted from the consultation?
• Do you still see him/her?
• Does your GP know you go?
• Would you ever consider going to see an alternative therapist?
7. What types of medications have you used/do you use to relieve the pain?
Alternative? (If not, would you consider using them?)
Why have you used these?
How helpful were they?
Why do you take medication e.g. to prevent/treat?
8. What else do you do to relieve your head pain?
9. Do you ever use other means such as self-help groups, the Internet or magazines/newspapers for information or help?
10. Do you feel you know enough about your condition?
11. How well do you feel your condition is managed either by a professional or in terms of self-management?
12. How do you view the future with regard your headaches?