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Table 1 ICPC-2 coded diagnoses, included in the study. (* serious infections)

From: Serious infections in children: an incidence study in family practice

A03 fever
A71 measles
A72 chickenpox
A74 rubella
A75 mononucleosis infectiosa
A76 other viral infection with exanthema
A77 other viral infection
A78 other infection not otherwise specified
D70 gastro-intestinal infection
D71 mumps
D73 supposed infectious gastro-enteritis
H71 otitis media acuta
L70 infection of the limbs*
N71 meningitis/encephalitis + sepsis*
R71 whooping-cough
R72 streptococcal angina
R74 acute infection of the upper respiratory tract
R75 acute/chronic sinusitis
R76 acute tonsillitis
R77 acute laryngitis/tracheitis
R78 acute bronchitis/bronchiolitis
R80 influenza (ex pneumonia)
R81 pneumonia *
R83 other infection of the respiratory tract
U70 pyelonephritis/pyelitis *
U71 acute cystitis