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Table 1 Socio-demographic characteristics of study participants

From: Somatisation: illness perspectives of asylum seeker and refugee patients from the former country of Yugoslavia

Mean age in years (SD) 36 (+/- 10)
Female (N) 20
Male (N) 6
Kosovo (N) 14
Bosnia-Herzegovina (N) 11
South Serbia (N) 1
Muslim (N) 26
Asylum seekers (N) 23
Refugees (N) 3
No professional activity (N) 25
Professional activity (N) 1
Lives in independent apartment (N) 19
Lives in shared rooms/dormitory (N) 7
Lives with family members (N) 24
Other (N) 2
Mean number of years in Switzerland (SD) 3.2 (+/- 2.3)
Mean number of years attending the outpatient clinic (SD) 2.31 (+/- 1.5)