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Table 4 Influence of patient complaints and physical examination results on antibiotic prescription

From: Influence of patient symptoms and physical findings on general practitioners' treatment of respiratory tract infections: a direct observation study

Complaints/Physical examination results OR 95%-CI
Pathologically altered tonsils in mouth and throat inspection 15.41 3.6–66.16
Pathological otoscopy findings 8.85 1.16–67.58
Pathological cervical lymph node palpation findings 6.24 1.97–19.71
Rales in lung auscultation 4.29 2.09–8.83
Pathological results in paranasal sinus palpation (sinus tenderness) 3.20 1.38–7.42
Fatigue 3.09 1.42–6.72
Wheezing in lung auscultation 2.91 1.17–7.23
Fever 2.19 1.06–4.54
Yellow sputum 2.10 1.07–4.14
  1. (multiple logistic regression, OR = Odds ratio, CI = Confidence interval, for included variables see methods)