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Table 5 Why do you refuse care for methadone treatment patients (general practitioners with no patients on methadone substitution treatment) (PWTs) (n = 231)

From: Difficulties associated with outpatient management of drug abusers by general practitioners. A cross-sectional survey of general practitioners with and without methadone patients in Switzerland

Question yes
Non-compliant patients 59.7%
A specialized center is better 57.1%
Time-consuming 54.5%
Lack of specialized training 52.4%
Fear of being overwhelmed by drug-addicted patients 48.9%
Feeling of powerlessness toward drug-addicted patients 41.6%
Difficulties with authorizations (too much paperwork) 40.3%
Lack of reimbursement for medical care 38.1%
Management with other professionals too difficult 38.1%
Difficulties with accompanying psychiatric disorders 36.4%
Fear of manipulation by drug-addicted patients 33.3%
Lack of knowledge about illegal substances and medications 31.2%
Past experience of burnout with drug-addicted patients 29.4%
Fear of theft 28.1%
Fear of problems with other, non-drug-addicted patients 27.7%
Fear of being threatened in the office 24.7%
Fear of being considered "the drug-addict doctor" 11.7%
Existing centers are adequate for this population 11.3%
  1. PWT = General practitioners without patients receiving methadone substitution treatment