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Table 4 Questions about reimbursement and training for general practitioners who treat patients with methadone substitution (PT: n = 352)

From: Difficulties associated with outpatient management of drug abusers by general practitioners. A cross-sectional survey of general practitioners with and without methadone patients in Switzerland

Question   yes
Do you have problems getting medical care reimbursed? 56.7%
How did you learn about MMT learning through their own practice? 76.1%
  post-graduate training? 58%
  self-taught? (books or scientific articles) 49.7%
  during your internship? 15.6%
Would you like to participate in addiction-related training for doctors? 65.3%
Would you like to participate in workshops with physicians and others professionals involved in the field? 50%
  1. PT = General practitioners with patients receiving methadone substitution treatment
  2. MMT = Methadone maintenance treatment