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Table 3 Themes, categories and codes.

From: GPs' perspectives of type 2 diabetes patients' adherence to treatment: A qualitative analysis of barriers and solutions

Theme code
Barriers to adherence  
Patient Categorical approach
  Social isolation
  Deficient knowledge of diabetes
  Minimising of the disease
  Opposition to change
  'Modern' medicine
Physician Choosing the easiest way
  Supposed lack of respect
Model of health care No repayment for self-monitoring
  Lack of multidisciplinary support
Communication Evaluate knowledge
  Give information
  Control how it can be achieved
  In the patient's language
Work in a structured way Make appointments
  Standardized educational packages
  Structured file administration
Shared care Multidisciplinary teams
  Identical messages
Coping mechanisms  
Physicians Directing /paternalistic attitude
  Induction of guilt and fright
Patients Discussed decision-making