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Table 5 Should hypnotherapy be funded by the National Health Service.

From: General practitioners believe that hypnotherapy could be a useful treatment for irritable bowel syndrome in primary care

  Agree Unsure Disagree n=
National Health Service resources should be used to give Irritable Bowel Syndrome sufferers better treatment 36.1 45.8 18.1 155
National Health Service resources could be better spent on other illnesses 44.5 38.7 16.8 155
I would support my primary care trust investing in Hypnotherapy (if shown to work) 49.0 29.7 21.3 155
Hypnotherapy should be available through the National Health Service 29.0 41.9 28.4 155
Hypnotherapy should be available through private hospitals 56.8 34.2 9.0 155
Medical insurance companies should pay for Hypnotherapy for their clients 40.0 46.5 12.9 155
  1. N.B. the rows do not always sum to 100% as missing responses are included in the analysis but not shown.