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Table 2 Measures of glycemic control for study subjects with diabetes (N = 610) enrolled in clinics with automated laboratory data, by age group, after adjustment for gender, educational level, marital status, race, and duration of diabetes. All data in this table based on automated laboratory databases.

From: Variation in diabetes care by age: opportunities for customization of care

Variable N 45–64 Years 65+ Years p-value
Percent of subjects with at least one A1c test in the last year. 610 81.3 88.0 0.055
Percent of subjects with two or more A1c measures in the last year. 610 53.4 60.8 0.242
Average number of A1c tests in the last year in those with any A1c test. 517 2.1 2.3 0.112
Percent of subjects with A1c <8% 517 43.9 57.6 0.038
Percent of subjects with A1c ≥ 10% 517 16.3 6.5 0.008