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Table 1

From: Assessing satisfaction with desloratadine and fexofenadine in allergy patients who report dissatisfaction with loratadine

  Dimensions of Patient Satisfaction – Semantic Differential Likert Scales
  Negative Endpoint 1 Positive Endpoint 7
Symptom Relief   
   EOD Failure – Nighttime Awakening Not Frequently at All Extremely Frequently
   EOD Failure – Morning Symptoms Not Troubled at All Extremely Troubled
   Onset of Relief Not Quickly at All Extremely Quickly
   Coverage Period Not Effectively at All Extremely Effectively
   Overall Symptom Relief No Relief Complete Relief
Overall Satisfaction   
   Continuation Intentions Extremely Unlikely Extremely Likely
   Likelihood to Recommend Extremely Unlikely Extremely Likely
   Overall Satisfaction with Current Rx Extremely Unsatisfied Extremely Satisfied
   Satisfaction with Rx Change Extremely Unsatisfied Extremely Satisfied