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Table 2 Key thematic elements from open text questions (numbers indicate additional similar comments)

From: The value of prostate cancer support groups: a pilot study of primary physicians’ perspectives

Broad themes Positive comments Negative comments
Marketing “Schedule groups during sporting event” “Need better advertising, pts don’t know where to go. MD’s don’t know where to refer. (3) “I have never recommended or been aware of such groups.”
“Please expand your services to other commonly used languages in Canada”
There should be better promotion of prostate cancer support groups in order to “destigmatize” the challenges associated with the illness and its treatments. “Should promote general men’s health, not just prostate cancer issues.”
“…calling it a “support group” might scare away some men.”
“Regularly scheduled.” (2)
“…media supported by government agencies.”
Inclusivity “Important to consider spouses experience with prostate cancer.” (3) “…language + culture barriers are significant.” (4)
“Ethnic diverse prostate support groups would be helpful.” (3)
Privacy “ outlet for men to share their experience and stay anonymous may help other patients.” (2) “The vast majority of men prefer not to talk in group setting” (2)
Accessibility “Web based support groups are important.” (4) “Elderly patients… are not comfortable with web-based services” (2)
“There should be a support group in each community - if not web-based access available” (2) “A good portion of the largest group are not on the web so an office based group program needed” (2)
“…web based access important but how do we access/educate them [blue-collar workers).”
Balance “I am strongly in favor of support groups that are led/driven by patient needs and interests.” “As a physician…I was very reluctant to join any groups, fearing I would become the ’2nd opinion.”
“The support group needs to be balanced to help patients work through this in a way that doesn’t alienate them.” “I do not think have a group lead that’s a “survivor” is necessarily a good thing.”
Education “…education is most important…” (2) “…dissemination of up-to-date treatment options.” -