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Table 5 Expectations for improvement of stroke care provision at primary care level (1-most common, 5-less common)

From: Care for post-stroke patients at Malaysian public health centres: self-reported practices of family medicine specialists

#Rank N % Expectations
1st 37/55 67.3 Referral with adequate instructions and goals from discharging physician at tertiary or secondary hospital
2nd 27/54 50.0 Specific guidelines on management of long term stroke patients at community level
3rd 25/52 48.1 A web based system which prompts you on measures to be taken during follow-up of stroke patients at your centre
4th 23/56 41.1 Training programme or attachment at centres with expertise on community stroke care
5th 17/54 31.5 Regular meetings with Neurologists/Physician/Rehabilitation team to discuss specific problems of stroke patients managed at your centre
  1. #1 = most common, 8 = least common.