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Table 4 Types of referrals for post stroke management seen at primary care

From: Care for post-stroke patients at Malaysian public health centres: self-reported practices of family medicine specialists

Referrals N %
Patients referred for transfer of care from tertiary hospital to health centre (No further follow-up at Neurology or Physician Clinic) 52/59 88.1%
Patients referred for further monitoring in a shared care approach (i.e. with simultaneous follow-up at Neurology/Physician Clinic) 40/59 67.8%
Patients under FMS* care diagnosed as stroke 38/59 64.4%
Patients referred for further management by health care team (incl. nurses, Medical Assistants, Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapists etc.) 33/59 55.9%
Patients and/or carers requested for FMS intervention for stroke care 26/59 44.1%
  1. *Family medicine specialists.