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Table 1 Indicators for guideline adherence used in our study

From: Quality of primary care for resettled refugees in the Netherlands with chronic mental and physical health problems: a cross-sectional analysis of medical records and interview data

CMD: 1) At least five additional GP consultations within the same illness episode
2) And/or short/long-term prescription of antidepressants
  3) And/or a referral to a mental healthcare specialist.
DMII: Compliance with at least four of the following eight rules, including testing in the past year
1) HbA1c
2) Serum LDL cholesterol
3) Plasma creatinine level
4) Proteinuria
5) Blood pressure measurement
6) Weight
7) A foot examination
  8) Registration of a smoking habit.
HT: Compliance with at least three of the following five rules based on the GP’s attention paid in the past year to
1) (Compliance with) therapy
2) Smoking behaviour (in case of current smoking or history of smoking)
3) Blood pressure measurement
4) Weight
  5) Lifestyle or modification thereof