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Table 2 The importance of factors in the referral process for selecting a hospital or a specialist

From: Comparative performance information plays no role in the referral behaviour of GPs

  Mean (s.d.) of the 70 responses
Patients’ preferences for a hospital or provider 4.3 (0.7)
Quality of care 3.8 (1.0)
Patient’s travel distance to a hospital or provider 3.8 (0.9)
GP’s personal contact with a specialist 3.6 (0.9)
Waiting list 3.5 (0.8)
Specific treatment or techniques 3.5 (0.8)
Experiences of other patients 3.4 (1.0)
  1. The responses were given on a five-point Likert scale, with ‘5’ representing ‘always taken into consideration’, and ‘1’ as ‘never taken into consideration’.
  2. Standard deviation: s.d.