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Table 1 Checklist for designers of a health check

From: Implementing cardiometabolic health checks in general practice: a qualitative process evaluation

Involvement of various primary care professionals Which primary care professionals are going to be responsible for the different aspects of the health check? How have the different groups of primary care professionals (e.g. doctors, nurses, receptionists) been involved in the planning phase?
Is there a shared sense of mission and ownership?
Operational knowledge and responsibilities Are all primary care professionals aware of their role in the programme?
Are the responsibilities clearly defined?
Is there some kind of coordination?
Who will be able to answer primary care professionals’ questions regarding the programme, both before and during the programme?
Will there be regular evaluation meetings?
Scientific effectiveness Is there any scientific evidence regarding the effectiveness of the screening programme available?
What are the expected costs and benefits?
What are possible limitations of the programme?
Is there any risk of causing physical of psychological harm in participating patients?
Biomedical knowledge Does everyone feel well-prepared and capable for their role in the programme?
  Is there a need for additional biomedical knowledge?
Is everyone up-to-date with the latest relevant medical guidelines?
Approach of healthy individuals How will participants be approached?
  Is the approach expected to result in a high participation rate?
Will the possible benefits and harms of the health check be clearly communicated to the participants beforehand?
How will we make sure not to cause any unnecessary worries or harm?
Are there any financial costs for participating patients?
Communicating the results and providing room for questions How will the results be communicated to patients?
  How will we make sure not to cause any unnecessary worries, due to wrong interpretations of the results?
Who can patients turn to in case they have questions?
Is this “helpdesk” easily approachable?
How will patients with a low-risk be approached?
Will they too receive a copy of their results?
Integration with everyday practice How will the health check be integrated in routine medical practice?
  Is the office staff expected to perceive an additional administrative burden because of the screening programme?
How will they be assisted in this?
Will the results of the health check be readily available in the electronic medical records?
Follow-up programmes Which follow-up programmes will be offered to detected cases?
  How many cases are anticipated to be detected during the health check?
Will it be possible to identify these detected cases at a later stage?
What are the criteria that need to be met in order to qualify for a follow-up programme?
Will there be anything that can be offered to patients that do not qualify for the predetermined follow-up programmes?