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Table 2 Explanations of the fever’s cause (Ger = German, Turk = Turkish)

From: Activation of the maternal caregiving system by childhood fever – a qualitative study of the experiences made by mothers with a German or a Turkish background in the care of their children

Explanation category Causes Predominant cultural background of mothers
Infection and transmission Infection from siblings Ger & Turk
Bacteria Ger & Turk
Viruses Ger & Turk
Infection in kindergarten Ger & Turk
Climatic influences and temperature Cold weather Ger & Turk
Inadequate, too light clothing Ger & Turk
Supernatural causes Evil gaze Turk
Sign of other disease Bronchitis Ger & Turk
Gastroenteritis Ger & Turk
Urinary tract infection Ger & Turk
Others Teething Ger & Turk
  Overexertion of the child Ger
  Emotional stress of the child Ger