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Table 6 Dynamics of the diffusion process among Primary Care Physicians and Nurses

From: Diffusion of a collaborative care model in primary care: a longitudinal qualitative study

Diffusion process Evidence
Nurses (N) Critical mass Critical mass attained very quickly See Figure 2
Dynamics of the diffusion process Adoption of the CTM on the basis of its features alone I am thrilled with [the CTM] that they’re trying to show us. It’s innovative because it isn’t in the hospitals, where the hospital social workers are overwhelmed, that they’re doing it (…). It’s clear that [the CTM] really represents an attempt to do things the best way possible, to find solutions, treatments, tailored caregivers. This is where it’s really innovative. N, early majority
Primary Care Physicians (PCPs) Critical mass More time was required before a critical mass could be obtained See Figure 2
Dynamics of the diffusion process Early adopters (champion, opinion leaders) convince the early majority I believe that it was a long time ago that I was contacted by one of the [physicians]. And then it was off and running. PCP, early majority
Then, early adopters and early majority were able to convince the late majority I met with Dr. X, and I was impressed. I saw that [the CTM] could work very well. He made a very strong impression. PCP, late majority
It’s good to have personal relationships with the doctors in charge of [the CTM], because personal contact is clearly a big help. It gives you an idea of who’s responsible, and if we get along, that makes it easier. So I tried it with one patient, just to see. PCP, late majority
Role of the opinion leader Profile of the opinion leader: a PCP in the close social network; with similar practice and who has had a positive experience with the CTM In a way, we have the same background, and my colleague Dr. A is satisfied, too. He has many geriatric patients. Doctors with many geriatric patients need it more. PCP, early majority
Importance of the characteristics of the exchange between opinion leaders and other PCPs in terms of timeline and content I participated in [the model’s] development. I was contacted at the outset, before a team was put together. I know [physician] well. PCP, early adopter
    The administrative tasks related to management – those things that are not pure medicine – if I can be freed of them, I’d be thrilled. PCP, early adopter