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Table 2 Summary of papers identified exploring influences on consulting behaviours in OA

From: What influences patients with Osteoarthritis to consult their GP about their symptoms? A narrative review

First author, year Population studied Age (OA or joint pain (JP)) Country of origin Methodology Influences evaluated
Quantitative Qualitative Mixed Predisposing Need Enabling
Arthritis Care (2012) [[23]] OA, UK    Age Pain Health beliefs*
Bedson (2007) [[2]] ≥ 50, JP (knee),    Gender Pain  
  UK     Occupational class Disability  
      Educational attainment Comorbidities  
      Marital status   
      Social network   
Coxon (2012) [[20]] ≥ 50, JP (hand, knee or hip)    Health beliefs Pain  
  UK      Disruption of daily activities  
Cronan (1995) [[11]] ≥ 60, OA (defined by symptoms)    Depression Health status (as measured by arthritis impact) Previous healthcare use
  USA     Self-efficacy   Social support
Dieppe (1999) [[13]] Literature review and consensus techniques with health professionals    Health beliefs Functional status Previous experience of healthcare
        Family beliefs and expectations
Grime (2010) [[24]] ≥ 50, OA or JP (self-report), UK    Age Onset and severity of pain  
Hill (2007) [[4]] ≥ 50, OA hand (self-report), UK    Health beliefs   
Hoogeboom (2012) [[12]] OA, Netherlands    Age Pain Previous healthcare use
Jinks (2007) [[18]] ≥ 50, JP (knee), UK    Health beliefs Severity of pain  
Jordan (2006) [[10]] ≥ 50, JP (knee), UK    Age Widespread pain Practice registered with education
      Gender Frequent consulter Cohabiting
      Anxiety Pain duration Previous use of GP
      Depression Bilateral symptoms  
       Previous injury  
Linsell (2005) [[6]] ≥ 65, JP (hip and knee), UK     Joint affected  
McHugh (2007) [[22]] OA patients awaiting joint replacement, UK     Pains severity  
       Visits to GP with other problems  
Mitchell (2006) [[16]] ≥ 50, JP (knee), UK    Age Severity of pain Urban GP practice
      Health beliefs   
Rao (1997) [[15]] ≥ 18, self-reported arthritis    Age Activity and work limitation  
  USA     Gender Area of residence  
      Ethnicity Doctor visits for other Health problems Income
      Overweight   Health insurance
Rosemann (2007) [[21]] OA, Germany    Age Comorbidities Previous healthcare use
      Gender Number of prescriptions Marital status
      Obesity Pain severity  
       Physical limitation  
Sanders (2004) [[19]] ≥ 51, OA (self report) UK    Age   Previous use of healthcare
      Health beliefs   
Schellevis (1994) [[27]] age not stated, OA, Netherlands     Comorbidities  
Thorstensson (2009) [[17]] ≥ 35, JP (hip or knee), UK    Obesity Comorbidity Living in urban area
      Age Which joint affected Living in deprived area
      Gender Mobility problem  
      Depression Pain severity  
Watts (2011c) [[25]] JP, UK    Age Site of pain  
  1. *Classifed by Bedson et al. as enabling.