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Table 4 Proposed remedies to cervical cancer health seeking challenges in northern Uganda in decreasing order of frequency

From: Mind the gaps: a qualitative study of perceptions of healthcare professionals on challenges and proposed remedies for cervical cancer help-seeking in post conflict northern Uganda

Proposed remedies for cervical cancer care Respondents by hospital and gender N
  Public hospital Mission hospital  
  Male Female Male Female  
Sensitization and community mobilization R5, R6, R1, R2, R3, R4 R11, R12, R13 R7, R8, R9, R10, R15 14
Establish regional cancer units to improve cancer care R5, R6 R2, R3, R14 R11, R12, R13 R7, R8, R9, R10, R15 13
Devolution of cervical cancer screening services to lower health units R6 R1, R2, R3, R14 R12, R13 R8, R9, R15 10
Establishing regular screening outreach programs for cervical cancer screening R5, R6 R1, R3, R14   R7, R10, R15 8
Posting more gynecologists and medical officers to the gynecology departments to provide care to women R5, R6 R1, R2, R3, R14   R15 7
Regular continuous professional development (CPD) sessions on cervical cancer   R1, R3, R14 R11, R12, R13 R8 7
Lack of radiotherapy services to manage advanced cervical cancer R6 R2, R3 R11, R12 R7, R10 7
Establish pathology services in the region R5, R6 R1 R12, R13 R15 6
Primary prevention through rolling out HPV vaccination R5 R1, R2 R11, R12, R13   6
Prioritization and training of more health human resources R5, R6    R8, R10, R15 5
Involve men in women’s health matters   R2, R3   R8, R15 4
Provide food to cervical cancer patients   R3, R4, R14   R10 4
Establish palliative care services and maintain constant supply of morphine in the region   R1, R3 R11 R9 4
Girl child education and incorporation of topics on cervical cancer in primary school education curriculum   R4 R13 R9 3
Advocacy R5 R3   R9 3
Improve on blood supplies to hospitals    R12 R15 2
Recreational and psycho-relaxation activities   R3   R10 2
Strengthen referral system to the Uganda Cancer Institute R5, R6     2
Increase funding for health R5   R11   2
Establish a population cancer registry in the region    R11   1
  1. Note: R1, R2 = Respondents’ order of interview as on Table 2.