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Table 1 Health Workers Key Informant Guide

From: Mind the gaps: a qualitative study of perceptions of healthcare professionals on challenges and proposed remedies for cervical cancer help-seeking in post conflict northern Uganda

Categories Themes Probes
Theme 1 Duration of practice as health worker Duration of service, highest qualification, employment status
Theme 2 Enabling factors and barrier to diagnosis and management of cervical cancer Review process of diagnosis of cervical cancer here, factors that positively or negatively influence health seeking and diagnosis and treatment in this hospital, availability of screening, special cancer clinic, Pap smear and in-house pathology services; management challenges and referral, reason for referral and patients “ response to referrals; follow up care
Theme 3 Practical challenges perceived to be faced by cervical cancer patients Observed challenges, complaints from patients and families, decision making for tests and treatments such as operations to remove uterus, role of husbands, and delays in decisions for operations
Theme 4 Proposed remedies for cervical cancer patients Problems/challenges facing cervical cancer management which undermine outcome of treatment and ways to improve treatment outcomes