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Table 1 Medline search strategy

From: General practitioners’ experiences and perceptions of benzodiazepine prescribing: systematic review and meta-synthesis

Line number Search term
1 Qualitative
2 Interview*
3 Focus group*
4 Theme*
5 Experience*
6 MH qualitative research
7 MH interviews as topic+
8 MH attitude of health personnel
9 Attitude*
10 S1 OR S2 OR S3 OR S4 OR S5 OR S6 OR S7 OR S8 OR S9
11 MH benzodiazepines+
12 Benzodiazepine*
13 MH anti-anxiety agents
14 MH hypnotics and sedatives
15 z-drug*
16 z drug*
17 BZD
18 Anti-anxiety agent*
19 Anti anxiety agent*
20 Antianxiety agent*
21 Non-benzodiazepine*
22 Nonbenzodiazepine*
23 Non benzodiazepine*
24 Temazepam
25 Nitrazepam
26 Lormetazepam
27 Zopiclone
28 Zaleplon
29 Zolpidem
30 Eszopiclone
31 S11 OR S12 OR S13 OR S14 OR S15 OR S16 OR S17 OR S18 OR S19 OR S20 OR S21 OR S22 OR S23 OR S24 OR S25 OR S26 OR S27 OR S28 OR S29 OR S30
32 MH general practice+
33 MH general practitioners
34 MH physicians, family
35 MH physicians, primary care
36 MH nurses+
37 General practi*
38 Family practi*
39 Family doctor*
40 Primary care
41 Nurse*
42 S32 OR S33 OR S34 OR S35 OR S36 OR S37 OR S38 OR S39 OR S40 OR S41
43 S10 AND S31 AND S42 + Limiters: 1990 – 2011
  1. *a wildcard search for any words which begin with the letters that precede the asterisk.
  2. +the search term has been `exploded' to include all references indexed to that term and narrower terms beneath it.