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Table 9 Referrals to specialists or for further for investigation of gastrointestinal symptoms were defined as any of the following

From: Using read codes to identify patients with irritable bowel syndrome in general practice: a database study

Referral Read codes Rubric
Specialist referral 8h48. Gastroenterological referral
  8h5J. Referral to colorectal surgeon
  8H5K. Referral to upper gastrointestinal surgeon
  8HL8. Gastroenterology DV done
  8HM8. Listed for gasterenterol admis
  8Hn4. Fast track referral for suspected colorectal cancer
  8Hn9. Fast track referral for suspected upper GI cancer
  8HS.. Refer for gastroscopy
  8HS0. Refer for sigmoidoscopy
  8HU1. Referral for colonoscopy
  8HU2. Referral for sigmoidoscopy
  8HVc. Private referral to colorectal surgeon
  8HVN. Private referral to gastroenterologist