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Table 2 Data collection

From: An evidence-based shared decision making programme on the prevention of myocardial infarction in type 2 diabetes: protocol of a randomised-controlled trial

Outcomes Measures No. of items Follow-up*
Knowledge • Questionnaire developed on the basis of Bloom’s taxonomy [30] and evidence-based information on heart attack prevention in type 2 diabetes [17] (updated 08/2012) 13 T1, T2
Realistic expectations • Questionnaire developed on the basis of ISDM-counselling 6** T1, T2
Numeracy • Numeracy test (one minute test for general population) [29] 1*** T1
Treatment goals • Statin medication, levels of blood pressure and glucose control, smoking, and patient’s prioritized treatment goal are documented on a standardised form 1 for each goal T1
Achievement of treatment goals • Statin medication (patient medication boxes) 1 T2
• Blood pressure (self-monitoring, standardised measure if not available) 1 T2
• HbA1c-level (standardised measure) 1 T2
• Smoking cessation (question by diabetes educator) 1 T2
Medication • Variation in medication intake (statins, antihypertensive drugs, glucose-lowering agents) are documented using medical records (T1) and by verifying patients’ pill-packages (T2). 3 T1, T2
  1. * T1; at the end of the counselling session; T2; at 6 months follow-up.
  2. ** 6 out of 13 questions of the knowledge test.
  3. *** 1 out of 13 questions of the knowledge test.