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Table 1 Patient characteristics

From: Risk of cardiovascular disease? A qualitative study of risk interpretation among patients with high cholesterol

Alias Age Marital status Co-morbidity
Ivan 61 Widower Pre-diabetes
Judith 60 Married None
Beth 65 Married (Kent) None
Kent 65 Married (Beth) None
Christian 67 Married (Ulla) None
Ulla 64 Married (Christian) Diabetes
Mary 61 Married (Frank) Familial hypercholesterolemia
Frank 62 Married (Mary) None
Laura 66 Married None
Christina 61 Married Diabetes
Tom 61 Married Pre-diabetes
Karen 70 Widow Stroke
Ursula 24 Single Familial hypercholesterolemia
Kurt 59 Married Diabetes