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Table 2 Interview guide used in focus groups

From: “Psychiatry is not a science like others” - a focus group study on psychotropic prescribing in primary care

Opening question (to each participant) • Please tell us your name and where you work.
Introductory questions • To what extent is the prescribing of psychotropic drugs discussed in your work places?
  • Going back to when you first started to work as a physician (Focus group II: to work in health care), what has been the view on the prescribing of psychotropics through the years?
Transition questions • What are the difficulties with prescribing psychotropics compared to other medicines?
  • The prescribing of psychotropic drugs varies in our country. What is your view on that?
  • What do you think affects the prescribing of psychotropic drugs?
Key questions • Participants were presented with two fictitious case scenarios, concerning patients with complex clinical problems, partly involving psychotropics and were asked to comment.
Ending questions • You have discussed different factors affecting the prescribing of psychotropic drugs. Which factor do you think is the most important?
  • Summary of the discussions by the assistant moderator, followed by the question: How well does this capture what has been discussed?
  • Have we forgotten anything?
  • If time allowed, we asked: We will perform more focus group discussions. In what way do you think the current set-up could be improved?