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Table 3 Summary of study methods: sequential timeline and individual stages

From: Maximising harm reduction in early specialty training for general practice: validation of a safety checklist

Stage Month/Year Participants & Location Purpose Methods Outcome
1. April 2010 72 GP Educational Supervisors (South East Region of Scotland, UK) · To identify safety-critical educational issues to be covered in early GPST · Three 90-min facilitated workshops · Generation of 12 Flipchart sheets of qualitative data on issues perceived to be safety-critical during the first 12 weeks of GPST in the general practice environment
     · Group work and feedback  
2. June 2010 2 Educational Researchers (PB & JM, Glasgow, UK) · To code, categorise and theme qualitative data · Thematic analysis · Generation of 18 Domains and 67 Items perceived to be safety-critical educational issues to be covered during early GPST
    · To identify from key published literature on patient safety and primary care those issues with direct relevance to the GP training environment   
3. July to October 2010 6 Educators (5 GPST Programme Directors and 1 General Practice Manager, Glasgow, UK) · To validate and refine existing Domains and Items and identify issues not covered. · Modified Delphi group method (three rounds) utilising list of Domains and Items using electronic mail · Further refinement: 15 Domains and 55 Items
    · To explore potential uses of the information collected   · Agreement on development of a Checklist (for educational supervisors) and s Self-Assessment Tool (for GP trainees)
4. February 2011 11 GPST Course Organisers and 1 Training Practice Manager · To further validate and refine Domains and Items deemed to be essential for the first 12 weeks of GPST and identify issues not covered · Pre-workshop reading and reflection · Further refinement of Checklist/Self-Assessment Tool content: 14 Domains and 47 Items
    · To explore issues around the acceptability and feasibility of the proposed Checklist and Self-Assessment Tool · A single 4-h facilitated workshop  
     · Group work and feedback  
5. June to August 2011 9 GP Trainees · To validate and refine Domains and Items deemed to be essential for the first 12 weeks of GPST and identify issues not covered · A mix of workshop discussion (n = 3, 2 h) and four 30 min telephone interviews · No essential safety-critical issues raised for this stage of training
6. August 2011 24 GP Educational Supervisors, Renfrewshire, UK · Final validation of checklist Domains and Items · Completion of a Content Validity Index (CVI) · Final agreement on a Checklist comprising 14 Domains and 47 related Items.