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Table 5 Different assessments of coded procedure-category/concept pairs

From: Coding of procedures documented by general practitioners in Swedish primary care-an explorative study using two procedure coding systems

Procedure SNOMED CT concept SNOMED CT assess-ment KVÅ-category KVÅ assess-ment
Referral to outpatient ophthalmology clinic Referral to ophthalmology service 1 Referral NOS 2
Drug treatment stopped Drug treatment stopped-medical advice 1 Prescription of drug 2
Calls the patient's mother and asks her to collect a new urine sample Informing next of kin 4 Information and counselling with next-of- kin by telephone 2
Alter drug dosage Prescription dose change 1 Prescription of drug 2
  1. Examples of different assessments of procedure-category/concept pairs coded with SNOMED CT and Classification of Health Interventions (KVÅ)