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Table 4 Classification of Health Interventions (KVÅ) categories used for coding

From: Coding of procedures documented by general practitioners in Swedish primary care-an explorative study using two procedure coding systems

Classification of Health Interventions category Number (%)
Prescription of drug 126 (30.2)
Referral NOS 55 (13.2)
Information/education about examinations and treatments 37 (8.9)
Certificate, simple 12 (2.9)
Information and counseling with the patient by post 13 (3.1)
Information/education about self-care program 14(3.4)
Specimen collection NOS 7 (1.7)
Information and counseling with the patient by phone 8 (1.9)
Other specified specimen collection 7 (1.7)
Certificate, extensive 5 (1.2)
Obtaining advice from other health care personnel NOS 4 (1.0)
  1. KVÅ-categories used for coding at a 1% cut-off level, shown in number and % of procedures in the record entries.