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Table 3 Procedures not coded with the Classification of Health Interventions (KVÅ) grouped to general concepts

From: Coding of procedures documented by general practitioners in Swedish primary care-an explorative study using two procedure coding systems

Grouped procedures Number Example
Prompts the patient or family member to get in touch if necessary 31 Returns if she does not improve
Planned or booked future care 29 Schedules for an appointment for gynecological examination
Order, print or send patient documents to patient or other care-giver 18 A copy to nurse at nursing home
Expectancy 8 Besides that, expectancy
Recommendation to the patient to contact other caregiver 4 I recommend a direct contact with family counseling
Decision about delivery method for medication from Pharmacy 3 ApoDos renewal
Not possible to categorize 2 Decision about a procedure that should not be done