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Table 5 Frequency of services provided by family physicians/general practitioners

From: Family medicine in post-communist Europe needs a boost. Exploring the position of family medicine in healthcare systems of Central and Eastern Europe and Russia

  Curative care for children Curative care for adults Minor surgery Prenatal and pregnancy care Children surveillance and preventive care Adults screening and preventive programs Assessment for social services/insurance purposes
EU Countries
   BG A A S A A A A
   CZ S A S N S A A
   EE A A S S A A A
   HU S A S   S A A
   LT   A     A A
   PL A A S S A A A
   RO A A   A A S S
   SK N A S N A A A
   SI S A S N S A A
Non-EU Countries
   HR S A S S S A A
   ME S A S   S A S
   RU S A A S S A S
  1. A-Always S-Sometimes N-Never
  2. Empty boxes in areas where agreement could not be reached