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Table 3 Payment methods for services

From: Family medicine in post-communist Europe needs a boost. Exploring the position of family medicine in healthcare systems of Central and Eastern Europe and Russia

  Capitation Fee for service Fee for preventive activities Other
EU Countries
   BG Bonus for physicians working in remote and disadvantageous practices
   CZ   Capitation (70%), fee for services (25%) regulative fee (co-payment) (5%)
   EE Quality bonus
Remote practices (> 40 km from hospital), budget for diagnostic procedures
   HU    Rural area bonus, age wages, population size wages, quality bonuses
   SK (90%) (10%)   Fee-for-service is allowed only when physician performs preventive examination, voluntary vaccination and on the home visit (those services are paid by patient out of pocket)
   SI (50%) (50%)   
Non-EU Countries
   HR (80%) (10%) (10%) Preventive activities are paid when goals are reached
   ME   Bonus for physician depending on duration of employment
   RU (in private clinics)   Additional payment from state programs' budget (e.g. tuberculosis, dermato-venerology)