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Table 7 Involving patients in the referral decision

From: Elective surgical referral guidelines - background educational material or essential shared decision making tool? A survey of GPs' in England

Statement Agree Neither agree nor disagree Disagree
I feel that sharing decision making with patients is an important principle 88.4 6.2 3.9
I feel "competent" in involving patients in decision making 79.1 12.4 5.5
I frequently involve patients in decision making 75.3 7 6.2
I have found that patients respond positively to involvement in decision making 74.4 15.5 8.6
Lack of time is a major problem in discussing treatment decisions with patients 58.9 24 14.9
I feel confident in discussing risk information about treatments with patients 55.8 23.3 15.5
Lack of available data** is a major problem in trying to share decisions 47.3 34.9 15.5
Many of my patients expect specific information to be provided in discussions about treatments 44.2 32.6 20.9
I feel my role is to direct patients rather than discuss risk information about treatments 17.1 22.5 55.8
  1. ** Available data" refers to local or national information on referral processes or evidence for benefits of referral