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Table 4 Number and percentage of GPs agreeing with questionnaire statements on why they used referral guidelines

From: Elective surgical referral guidelines - background educational material or essential shared decision making tool? A survey of GPs' in England

  N* % of 129
I believe they help me to make good decisions/improve quality of care 67 51.9
They help me to explain or share information about treatment decisions with patients 39 30.2
I am required to by my local hospital trust/local surgeons 31 24
I have never used referral guidelines 23 17.8
I am required to by my local PCT (e.g. as part of a "Choose & Book" scheme) 22 17
I believe they will reduce the possibility of litigation 19 14.7
I am required to by someone else (e.g. Department of Health, NICE, RCGP etc) 16 12.4
I use guidelines for another reason 8 6.2
The PCT offers incentives to encourage me to use them 2 1.6
  1. *GPs were invited to tick more than one option