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Table 2 Measurement scheme.

From: The effectiveness of case management for comorbid diabetes type 2 patients; the CasCo study. Design of a randomized controlled trial

Variable Instrument baseline 3 months 12 months
Primary outcome     
a. quality of care perceived by patients CQ-Index GP care
Secondary outcomes     
b. quality of care perceived by GP Quality Indicators    X
c. health status of the patient SF-12 X X X
d. diabetes control Hba1c (%) X X X
e. health care utilization Contacts with care providers X X X
  Medication use (RAI-CHA) X   X
Feasibility Semi-structured interviews    X
  1. This table provides an overview of the time schedule of all measurements and measures.
  2. CQ-Index for GP care: Consumer Quality Index for GP care; GP: General Practitioner; HbA1c: glycated haemoglobin level; PACIC: Patient Assessment of Chronic Illness Care; RAI-CHA: Resident Assessment Instrument - Community Health Assessment; SF-12: Short-Form 12.