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Table 1 Prompt guide for semi-structured interviews

From: Preventing childhood obesity during infancy in UK primary care: a mixed-methods study of HCPs' knowledge, beliefs and practice

Questions about healthcare professionals' current practice, training needs
Can you describe your role in relation to discussing diet with parents of children under 1 year old?
How do you think parents of children under 1 years old feel about your dietary advice?
Are there any aspects of your advice that parents are reluctant to implement or find difficult to implement?
Are there any parent characteristics that make it more likely that they will follow your advice about diet in children under 1?
Have you undertaken any training in relation to providing advice about diet to children under 1 year old?
Questions about identification of 'infants at risk' and healthcare professionals strategies
What do you think are the most important risk factors for childhood overweight/obesity?
Do you have infants or young children on your caseload that you think might become overweight/obese children?
How do you manage situations where an infant's growth increases disproportionately on the percentile charts?
For example, if an infant's growth went up from the 50th to the 90th percentile or crosses three percentiles with no corresponding rapid growth in head circumference or length?
What else might you need to know?
Have you found anything that makes it difficult to discuss with parents that their infant or young child is 'at risk' of becoming overweight?
What would help you to overcome this?
How do you find dealing with parents whose infants are overweight/obese?
Questions about weight management and intervention
Can you describe any intervention you have initiated with parents whose infants or young children have grown too quickly?
How might healthcare professionals work with parents of infants 'at risk' to prevent childhood overweight/obesity?
What type of intervention might be needed?
What information should an intervention contain to make it useful for healthcare professionals to use with parents?
In your view how could the information be presented clearly and consistently by different members of the PHCT?
Is there anything else you would like to mention that you think would be useful?
Thank you