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Table 2 Example of meaning units, condensed meaning units, interpretation and themes, from content analysis.

From: "I did not intend to stop. I just could not stand cigarettes any more." A qualitative interview study of smoking cessation among the elderly

Meaning Unit Condensed Meaning Unit Description close to the text. Interpretation
Sub-theme Theme
"My partner got very sick. He was a heavy smoker. At the hospital they told him to stop smoking. While he was in hospital I decided to stop. I stopped that day and have not smoked since. I knew he would not manage to stop if I continued." She stopped smoking to help her partner. Knowing her smoking influences partner's smoking - Unplanned cessation
- All the others
- The cessation act
- Aware of the drawbacks of smoking
"I really want to stop, but it is so hard. I am willing to quit, but then I find that a cigarette is good for me. It is so cosy. I sit here alone. My cigarette is a little friend." He knows smoking is harmful, but is addicted and has comfort in the cigarette Reason fighting well-being - Ambivalence - Approaching the cessation decision