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Table 3 Family functioning assessment with the Family-APGAR and quality of life assessment with Ruiz and Baca's questionnaire

From: Relationships between quality of life and family function in caregiver

Family APGAR Questionnaire a Mean ±SD
Family function APGAR (global mean) 1.52 0.46
1. Are you satisfied with the help that you received from your family? 1.42 0.67
2. Do you talk with your family about your household problems? 1.49 0.61
3. Do you feel that your family loves you? 1.78 0.49
4. Are you satisfied with the time that you and your family share together? 1.50 0.64
5. Do you discuss with your family about important decisions that affect the whole family? 1.41 0.74
Caregivers with a functional family b n (%) 107 (69.93%)
Quality of life dimensions c Mean ±SD
Global perceived quality of life 3.25 0.67
Social support 3.63 0.68
General satisfaction 3.14 0.74
Physical and mental wellness 3.13 1.05
Lack of work overload/free time 2.78 1.04
  1. Non significant differences between males and females.
  2. Data showed as mean ± standard deviation or as number and percentages.
  3. Family APGAR valid values are between 0 and 2. a
  4. Total value between 0-10: ≥ 7 Family function; <7: Family dysfunction. b
  5. Valid values for the Ruiz y Baca questionnaire are from 1 to 5, higher punctuation means better quality of life. c