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Table 5 Examples of changes and activities caused by the evaluation*

From: General practitioners' experience and benefits from patient evaluations

Doctor-patient relation "I try to listen to the patient in a more open-minded manner"
"I try to appear less busy than I feel"
"I try to seem more present minded during the consultation"
"I try to conduct a more direct and authoritative consultation style"
"I passed a one year psychotherapeutic training course"
Medical care "We plan to do more quality assurance of our procedures"
"We have extended the duration of a standard appointment"
"I intend to be more focused on my role as the medical expert during the consultation"
Information and support "I have become more thorough in my information to the patient about examinations and treatment"
"I have become more aware of the importance that the patient understand and accept a plan for examination and treatment"
"We produced written information and instruction to the patients"
Organisation of care "We doctors confer more about difficult and shared patients"
"We have introduced staff meetings where we discuss our routines and patient cases"
"We are in a process of allocating duties and rearranging working hours"
"We introduced a more flexible schedule"
Accessibility "We introduced the possibility to book an appointment, renew a prescription or have an e-mail-consultation via our homepage"**
"We allocated an hour a day for consultations without appointment"
"We made more appointments possible in our schedule"
"We extended the time for telephone consultations"
"We tried to be more disciplined when speaking with patients in the telephone in order to solve matters quicker"
"We have become better at keeping to the schedule"
"We have more incoming telephone lines and more staff to answer the phone"
Other "We redecorated the waiting room"
"We moved to larger premises"
"We discussed our results with the colleagues in our CME-group and in our supervision groups"
  1. * A complete tabulation of all the changes made by the GPs following their patient evaluation is displayed in "Additional file 2: Changes in practice"
  2. **These are services for which the GP-contract offers a fee