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Table 3 GPs' assessment of feedback and how they handled it (n = 474)

From: General practitioners' experience and benefits from patient evaluations

The feedback
(% of answers)
  Yes No Missing
Did you attend the feedback-meeting following the patient evaluation in your region? 70.7 29.1 0.2
  Agree or
mostly agree
Disagree or mostly disagree Missing
It was unpleasant for me to receive the results of my patient evaluation 14.1 84.4 1.5
It was difficult to interpret the results of my patient evaluation and to apply the results in my practice 55.3 42.4 2.5
With whom did you discuss the results of your patient evaluation?
To whom did you show your feedback-report?
(% of answers, the GPs were allowed to place more than one x)
  I discussed the results with I showed my report to
The group of colleagues with whom I participated in the project 55.5 43.0
The colleagues in my practice 71.9 63.7
The staff in practice 62.7 48.3
My spouse or others in my family 54.2 40.5
One or more of my patients 7.8 1.7
Others 12.0 6.5
No one 1.3 9.5