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Table 1 Variables used for regression modelling.

From: Assessing Asthma control in UK primary care: Use of routinely collected prospective observational consultation data to determine appropriateness of a variety of control assessment models

Patient Variables
Age Rescue use inhaled steroid***
Gender Rescue oral steroid***
Body Mass Index Emergency Nebulisation***
Active Smoker Scheduled Consult***
PEFR < 80% predicted/best* Unscheduled Consult***
Symptoms** Telephone Consult***
Days Off due to asthma** Home Visit***
Regularly forget preventer* Outpatient Visit***
Poor inhaler technique* A&E visit***
No Self management plan Admission to Hospital***
Overuse Short Acting Bronchodilator** Asthma Symptoms** Night/Day/Activity
BTS Treatment Step  
Practice Variables
Strategic Health Authority (SHA) Number GPs in practice
SHA Deprivation Full time (FT) Nurse in Practice
SHA Population Number of FT Nurses
Primary Care Trust (PCT) Part time (PT) Nurse in Practice
PCT Deprivation Number of PT Nurses
PCT Population Number of Nurses in practice
Ward Deprivation Way Asthma Care Provided
Ward Population Presence of Nurse Clinic
Rurality Nurse with Diploma Level Asthma Training
Practice Previous Asthma Audit
Practice Population Previous use of Review Protocol
Full Time (FT) GP in Practice Asthma UK QOF Points
Number FT GPs Total UK QOF Points
Part time (PT) GP in Practice Distance nearest District General Hospital
Number PT GPs Respiratory Consultant at DGH
  1. * Assessed at the review consultation
  2. ** In the 4 weeks prior to the review consultation
  3. *** Since previous review
  4. Note: Variables used in the construction of a control dependent variable were not used as an independent variable in the regression analysis for that particular control model