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Table 1 Examples of Core CHS Performance indicators

From: Developing a Performance Measurement Framework and Indicators for Community Health Service Facilities in Urban China

Category (n) Examples of Core Indicators Source of data
Inputs (31) Health Human Resources • % of qualified health care providers (physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners) in CHS Health authority records
  Material Resources • % of sub-districts who have at least one community health center Health authority records
  Fiscal Resources • Amount of financial investment for capital infrastructure Health authority records
Activities (64) Policy and governance level • The percentage of CHS facilities that can be reimbursed through publicly funded health insurance Health authority records
  Health care management level • % of PHC providers who completed a two-way referral of patients-a patient is referred for more specialized services or services unavailable through the CHS and that more specialized services (e.g., internal medicine) refer patients to CHS facilities as their place of first contact with the health system Health authority records
  Clinical level • % of CHS facilities who can offer Chinese traditional medicine Health authority records
Outputs (105) Type • % of PHC organizations who currently provide the following public health services (health education, illness prevention, etc CHS facility
  Volume • % of patients with hypertension who have health care coordinated by a case manager CHS facility
  Quality • % of patients who have a regular doctor
• % of patients who were referred to other doctors and have information back.
• % of patients who report that they were given enough time to discuss their feeling, fears and concerns
• % of patients who rated the quality of CHS good or excellent
Patient survey
Immediate outcomes (65) Increased individual capacity • % of residents who have increased knowledge, skills, and confidence to manager their health Patient survey
  Reduced risk of ill-health and duration and effects of acute conditions • Incidence rate of 0-3 year old children with low weight CHS facility
  Stabilization of Chronic Conditions • Control rate of patients with chronic diseases (such as hypertension) CHS facility
  Maintain or improve satisfaction of health care workforce • CHS provider satisfaction with CHS sector Provider survey
Intermediate outcomes (15) Healthy Choices and Behaviors • % of population who currently engage in regular physical activity Patient survey
  Improve prevention of complications and acute exacerbations • Hospitalization rate of patients with chronic diseases Patient survey
  Public acceptability of CHS • Patients' satisfaction with CHS Patient survey
  Appropriateness of place and provider • % of patients who first see a CHS physician Patient survey
Final outcomes (7) Better health outcome • Decreased premature mortality National reports (government)
  Health care system equity • Distribution of health outcome among different populations National reports (government)
  Lower costs of health system • Health expenditure per capita in international dollars National reports (government)
  Public satisfaction with health system • Residents' satisfaction with health system Patient survey